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Austin Event Planners specializing in fun, interactive, celebratory events! Whether it’s help from start to finish or handling specific tasks throughout, let RosePOP handle your event so you can focus on the other priorities in your life.

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Regardless of your situation, we understand that event and wedding planning can be overwhelming, stressful, and expensive. We want to alleviate your stress and overwhelm and help you answer some of your pressing questions as well as give you some industry insights! That’s why we are now offering a 90-minute Power Planning Session.

This is a no-commitment, stand-alone meeting with one of RosePOP’s experienced event planners to talk through whatever you need, wherever you are at in your event or wedding planning process!”

Don't Stress Your Event

So you want to have a fun celebratory event where all your guests AND YOU get to spend genuine, quality time together?

Our small, collaborative team of event planners has got you covered!

RosePOP Parties is an event planning company based in Austin, Texas. Specializing in all things celebration: corporate events, weddings, themed parties and more, we strive to provide you with not only a super fun event but an enjoyable, efficient and stress-free planning process as well!


What Our Clients Are Saying

From our first phone call with [RosePOP] we knew [they]... were going to be essential... We are so happy with the RosePOP team and would definitely take any excuse to hire them again!
Maria F
I didn't waste one second worrying about setup, staying on schedule, logistics, or vendors - I knew [RosePOP] was on top of it. Would hands-down recommend and work with RosePOP again!

Have a vision but no time to plan?

No problem! We’ll help you select the perfect venue and plan the logistics and details to bring your vision to life.

Does your Event Captain need a strong team?

We got you! We’ll integrate into your existing event team to help you scale effortlessly for events that require heavy lifting.

Need someone to make sure your event day runs smoothly?

We are here for you. We will gather information about everything you planned the month leading up to and manage your event day so you can relax and enjoy the party.


We Handle It All


Full Service

We’ve got you TOTALLY covered! RosePOP Planners take care of everything for your event from start to finish. A totally all-inclusive package that allows you to completely relax.


Event Management

Have a partner through the process! With a personalized planning timeline, budget guidelines, and event consultations, RosePOP Planners help you stay organized and on track! 


Event Coordination

Day of expertise so you can RELAX! Need ‘Day Of’ assistance? RosePOP will jump in ~ 6 weeks prior to your event to help finalize last details and be prepped to handle event execution. 

Let’s Make Your Event Memorable!

Schedule a COMPLIMENTARY Consult

During this consult, we will discuss your ideas and dreams to craft the perfect path forward for YOUR event.

Customize Your Proposal

Once you receive your customized proposal and quote, make any adjustments or tweaks to ensure the package covers exactly what you need.

Enjoy Your RosePOP Event!

Whether you book Full-Service, Management, or Coordination, a RosePOP Party allows you to ENJOY your event to the fullest!

Have Questions? We Have Answers!

Frequently Asked Questions

Every planner has their own approach and we love that Austin has such a diverse and wide variety of planners. The RosePOP approach is centered around people, activities and guest experience. We love to focus on engaging activities, unique specialty vendors and providing you with meaningful, quality time to spend with your guests. We believe if you have something at your event, whether it be an activity, a performer, an interactive vendor or decor, it should be something that will engage your guests in conversation and provide them with ways to connect and new experiences.

Additionally, we guide all of our clients to be eco-conscious with their event and mitigate as much event waste as possible.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, we love Austin and know that Austin has so many incredible creatives and event professionals so every RosePOP event has all (or predominantly) Austin-based vendors and items are made by Austin locals. Our goal is to support the local economy as much and as often as we possibly can.

The booking process begins with a complimentary consultation that can be over the phone or Zoom. Once we have chatted, Jenny (or someone from our sales team) will put together your customized proposal with a customized quote based on our conversation and will send it to you within 24 business hours. At this point, if you want to make changes to your initial proposal, we can do so as much as you need.

Once we have a proposal that looks right and covers what you need and want, we will send you an agreement to sign and you will pay a retainer fee invoice of 30% of the total cost. When we have both of those items, signed agreement and paid retainer fee, you are all set and booked. At this point, you’ll be matched with one of our lead planners and they will reach out within 48-72 business hours to get started (or for Coordination clients, Jenny will reach out to confirm receipt and completion of your booking).

You can book us anywhere from 3 weeks-14 months out from your event. An ideal timeline to book us for a private or corporate event is 3-5 months in advance. An ideal timeline to book us for a wedding is 6-12 months in advance. That being said, we are a team and we can pull things together as quickly as you need because we know sometimes planning an event slips your mind during your busy life until the event is right around the corner.

Your proposal and quote will be honored for 25 days. After 25 days have passed since we sent you the quote, we cannot guarantee the price or availability of service.

The differences between the general packages has to do with the level of support and the level of involvement you want from our team during the planning process.

We have 3 general packages – all of which are completely customizable. Full-Service Planning is our all-inclusive, we-do-it-for-you and you don’t need to worry about a thing until we reach out to you. Management is the next step down from Full-Service Planning where we are your partner throughout the planning process and are there to answer any and all of your questions but, you are doing much of the legwork in the planning process. Coordination is our smallest, least involved package where we jump in close to your event date after you have planned everything on your own and we get up to speed with everything you have planned to be able to effectively manage your event day without you having to worry. Every package includes management of your event day where we will arrive before any of your other vendors and will depart after all other vendors have completed their work.

We believe every event is different and we know that every client has different needs and varying levels they want to be involved in the event planning process. Because of this, you will always chat with Jenny (or someone from our sales team) in a complimentary consultation before receiving a proposal with a quote. 

It means we do not have any set packages because every event is unique and every clients needs a different level of support. We want to make sure that you pay for the things you need and want and don’t pay for anything unnecessary just because it is included in a package. We have general package levels, Full-Service Planning, Event Management and, Coordination but we can add and remove and tweak our services to provide you with something that makes sense to you and your event.

At this time no. What you see on a proposal and what you are invoiced for from us pays for our service only. In some circumstances, we may cover the costs of small items or a vendor upfront and we will invoice you to reimburse our upfront payment.

We do have a credit card authorization form that you can fill out to grant us the ability to charge your card on your behalf for event items and vendors to make the planning process simpler and more straightforward for you.

We love this question! You will be assigned one lead planner who will be specifically matched to you based on your type of event, personality and, availability. Your lead planner will be your point of contact and the only person you need to communicate with throughout your planning process. They will also be the planner who is predominantly working on your event and communicating with your vendors. Behind the scenes, however, we are an extremely collaborative team. We meet regularly and chat about each of our clients, we help each other troubleshoot issues and we love to brainstorm unique, fun ideas for each event as a team. We not only collaborate to provide our clients with the most memorable event but we also do it so that if anything happens to your lead planner on the event day (yes, life happens even if we do everything possible to mitigate it), anyone from the team is easily able to jump in and lead your event with confidence. They will know details about you and event specifics almost as well as if they had been leading from the start.

Learn more about each of our planners here.

Throughout the consultation process while you are communicating with Jenny (or someone from our sales team), she is already starting to match you with the planner who is the best fit for your event and who she thinks will be the best personality match (we want you to have a fun planning process and part of that is getting along ;)). For Full-Service and Management clients, once we receive your signed agreement and retainer fee payment, Jenny will connect you with your lead planner within 24 business hours. For Coordination clients, you will be connected with your lead planner 24-48 hours before your contract begins (which is typically 6 weeks out from your event date). If you are curious during the consultation process who you might be matched with and want to know sooner, feel free to ask!

Whether you are a prospective client, current client or vendor partner, we will always respond to you within 48 business hours. If you have an urgent matter or it is the week of your event, it is typically easiest to reach anyone from our team via text message.

Absolutely! We are here to help you in whatever way you need and we are committed to providing you with as stress-free of a planning process as possible. If you get into the planning and realize you need us to take on more, let us know and we will upgrade you. This will come with added fees due to the additional services.

This is the beauty of hiring a company with a small team of planners! As a team, we meet regularly and discuss each of our clients and help each other throughout the planning process – we are super collaborative. This makes it so we all have awareness and information on all RosePOP events. So when something unexpected comes up and your lead planner is, for whatever reason, unable to work your event, every planner on our team is equipped with the information to step in without skipping a beat. We all build our timelines/runs of show the same and use the same event day documents so we are familiar with what your lead planner puts on our clipboard. No problem at all!

Another detail to note is that most of our assistants are also trained lead planners. Often, the assistant assigned to your event will be the one who steps up to lead the event. (Also, we should note, the assistants on our team who aren’t trained leads are super organized and absolutely capable of leading an event day. They just may have another full time job or have limited availability to be able to commit to event planning regularly.)

Every planner who works at RosePOP is a trained lead who also assists. We do not believe in just throwing a warm body in to help the lead planner, we want everyone working to have a strong knowledge of events and people who are more than capable to work together to make your event run smooth and seamlessly. Some of our assistants are not trained leads yet because they have life circumstances that limit their availability but they are hard-working, organized and fully capable to step up whenever needed.

We work some holidays. We do not work on New Years’ Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or New Years’ Eve.

We carry basic inventory in small quantities that may be available for you to use at your event. We only carry simple items like picture frames, chalkboards, table number stands, and things of that nature. We offer these items at a reduced rental rate.

Each planner on our team (besides Jenny) is part-time for the precise reason that when they accept a new client, they are excited, energized, and know they have absolute bandwidth to take that client on – providing you with the highest level of communication and service. As long as someone from our team has availability and interest in taking on a new client without risking lowering the experience of their other clients, we are not limited to a certain number each year.

We charge travel fees to any venue that is outside of 30 miles from our main office. For most venues within the Austin area, we simply charge mileage and a small additional flat fee. If a venue is more than 1.5 hours drive, there will be additional flat fees added to your package in addition to mileage, planner and assistant food per diems and hotel stay. This is required because event days are long for event planners and we want to make sure everyone stays safe and is rested before driving long distances.

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